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Planning Department
The Planning Department is responsible for overseeing a variety of town construction policies and regulations, as well as zoning code enforcement.
Jodi Dickey is the Director of the Planning and Building Department.  Jodi received her Master of Planning Degree from Indiana University and Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University. She has worked as Senior Planner for the Town of Fishers and Associate Planner for the Town of Westfield. She has worked as the Planning Section Chief of Outdoor Recreation for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. She has worked as the Chief Landscape Architect for the Planning Division of Lake County Parks Department. She is a Certified Planner.
Caitlin Dopher is the Senior Planner:Economic Development Specialist of the Planning and Building Department.  Caitlin earned her BS in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona focusing on community engagement, urban design, and public policy.  Since moving to Indiana she has worked for the City of Fishers in Code Enforcement.
Desire Irakoze is the Assistant Planner. Dez received his Bachelor of Science degree in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University.
William Holden is the Code Enforcement Officer.
The Planning Department's mission is "Building the best community that we can as we look twenty years ahead".
Are you looking for information on the Proposed PUD amendment by the YMCA?  If so please click the attached link.
Questions should be emailed to the Planning & Building Department. 
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Public Hearings
Have you seen this sign?
This sign indicates a property owner is altering the site in a manner that requires a public hearing. 
To find out more information, click on this link or the image to the right.


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